Summer, 2021


Breakthrough – Build Exceptional Business





Summer, 2021

Learn to Move the World In Your Favor with the Millionaire Maker Danelle Delgado!

LIVE in an intimate setting with Business Building Secrets and Powerful In-Depth Training to catapult your results! Danelle will blow your mind with this training event and impact your life and income for years to come. 

Are You Ready To Monetize the Million Dollar Life…

Have you ever spent time wondering why so many people with little to no talent are making massive money, going on elaborate vacations and appear to do it with ease? Ever wondered what are the secrets they know that you don’t? Well, 99% of the secrets that helped DD go from broke and broken to business building genius are awaiting those who join in for four days of powerhouse training that WILL FOREVER change your entire life when applied!

Danelle Delgado is single mom of 3, survivor, who went from broke and broken to multi-millionaire making a global impact in just a few years. She is known as the “millionaire maker”, guiding the masses to build million dollar businesses online and off with her compelling system. 

Not only is she the author of “I Choose Joy” she is one the most sought after female speakers on marketing, sales, online business strategy, communication and personal development in the world.

So let us ask you… what would it be worth to have an abundance of confidence…an unending stream of foresight, mentorship from those who have already walked the path, accountability and a fail proof plan to put your dreams in motion???

My guess is you already know you ache for the team that will contribute to your next big win…so how do you know if this one is for you?

What Would It Be Worth?

  • To clearly define your message, brand and business
  •  To know and find your ideal paying clients
  • To create a social media system and following that converts consistently
  •  Building a system that efficiently closes leads
  • Wondering how to create a money map that will provide for your family and freedom long-term

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to get results that are un-ignorable in both life and business
  • You are ready to monetize the knowledge and hard work you have put in
  • You are ready to join the league of elites who see their investments pay big dividends
  • You are ready to leave your excuses and fears behind and level up 


Details upon Acceptance

Travel and Hotel done individually (we share our suggested partners after application acceptance)

Summer 2021 – Intensive training and excursion

More Details Follow with payment!


Online Implementation Training

A few will be chosen to build 90 days post event with Danelle to implement their brand and build out their 2021 Business plans!




Paid in Full Upfront  – $5997

Payment Option: Two Payments of $3500

SPOUSE: Spouses $2500 extra

Payments are due upon application acceptance.

VIP Investment:

Pricing: Additional $2500 for the bonus VIP training with Danelle

We anxiously await serving completely those entrepreneurs ready to advance and enrich their entire lives from this day forward!


Application instructions

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